Fabric Machinery

Yarn Cone Winder

Our company is a part of a large diversified group having its operations in Taiwan & CHINA. We are one of the leading manufacturer with exporter of Textile & construction equipment and its related commercial products, including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and many other areas.

With highly skillful experienced people, group strength and associates in other countries, we are a dependable supplier who can offer a complete package of equipments & products for textile & construction metal Power industry. All our machinery with CE certification, UL . Therefore, Europe and America buyers can import our products, past 26 years, we sold products to France, Italy, Poland,Russia,..etc. 

TRUST is our business principle! HONESTY is our rule!  We offer the advanced service on projects of machinery equipment & industrial parts to upgrade your profits.  Past 26 years, overseas friends they like our products so much, because we adheres to the mutual spirit of Be generous in virtue to arrange the prompt production lines to maximize your import profits.  Our superior machinery equipment & Industrial products can be shipped in 2-6 weeks after your confirmation.  We expect to build the long term FRIENDSHIP with Your company. 

Item No.  Machine Name 
SKS-W1 Electric Cleaning Winder    
SKS-W2  6" Tube Cone Winder 
SKS-W3  6" A-Cone Winder 
SKS-W4 Douling Winder 
SKS-W5 Embroidery Thread Winder 
SKS-W6 Hank Yarn Winder
SKS-W7 Hard Winder 
SKS-W8 Large Package Winder 
SKS-W9 Sewing Thread Winder 
SKS-W9 Soft Winder 
SKS-W10 Special Oiled Winder 
SKS-W11 Spool Sewing Thread Windeer 
SKS-W12 6" Y cone Winder 
SKS-W13 Yarn Bobbin Winder