Inspecting Machinery

SKS-567/Fabric Inspecting Equipment.


No.  Descruption of Goods  Fabric Width/mm
SKS-567A Fabric Inspection & Rolling Machine  1800-2500  
SKS-567B Big Roll fabric inspection Winding machine 500-1500 
SKS-567C Large Package Inspection Machine  1800-3200
SKS-567D Tension-free Inspection Rolling Machine  0-400 
SKS-567E Edge Cutting Inspection Rolling Machine  1800-3500 
SKS-567F Auto Edge Allignment Rolling Machine  1800-3800
SKS-567G Tubular Fabric Inspection Machine  1200-1420 
SKS-567H Open Width Tensinless Fabric Inspection Mc 2300/2500/2800

#SKS-567, Infrayed Ray Fabric Inspection Machine  + Fabric Rolling Device 

This machine is suitable for inspection,rolling,measurement and rolling of knitted cloth.
Equipped with a magic eye for automatic edge tracing.
It has a specially designed eletronic tension control,adjustment device for rolling and unreeling,and is attached with cloth adjusting device,which can flatten the edges of cloth.
Equipped with variale frequency speed control for this machine.

#SKS-568, Big Roll fabric inspection Winding machine

Short Description: The Cloth Inspecting Machine/Fabric Rolling Machine Are Used In Garment Factory, Man-made Fur Mill, Artifical Leather Factory. It’s Allows Feed The Fabrics In Circular Or Folded Way. This Machine Is Especially Good For The Inspecting And Rolling Of The Polyester Fabric, Microfiber Fabric, Polyester Fiber Fabric,Satin, Cotton fabric, ETC

#SKS-569, Big Package fabric Cloth inspection  machine

The fabric inspection machine is suitable for high-grade fabrics and special texture fabrics of the textiles mill, yarn-dyed fabric mill and dyeing mill. Under the traditional operation way it is easy to produce quality problems such as wrinkles, take off etc.This machine can improve all these above.

#SKS-570, Tension Free fabric Cloth inspection  machine

Technical Features:

1. It is suitable for check the high-quality open-width knitted fabric, and circle winding package used.

2. Synchronous control cloth and winding speed, make the cloth inspecting process under tension-free condition to completed, make the pull and tension to the lowest, the phenomenon of cloth shrinks can’t occur

3. It can direct control the forward or backward of the fabric by hand

4. Taiwan hydraulic automatic tracing edge alignment device can reach to cloth winding accurately

5. At the tilting angle 55~60 degrees to horizontal cloth inspecting within inspection area, it’s own two-way lighting(up and down),realize to favorable  lighting and inspecting environment

6. Equipped with electronic length counter(show length and code),which can count length accurately

7. Continuous variable speed

Technical Parameters:

1、Max. diameters of winding cloth 400mm
2、Speed of cloth winding 0~80yard/min
3、Weight 1300 KG
4、Power 2.2 KW
5、Operate area 1350(L)*2950(W)*2200(H)mm

#SKS-571 Edge Cutting Inspection Rolling Machine 

Technical Feature:

1、Good performance with high quality

2、Use double-frequency control to adjust tension, both thick and thin fabric can adapt

3、Equipped with a photoelectronic exploration device, to which promote edge accuracy

4、Use computer counter to calculate the length and the yard of fabrics

5、Adopted the light device to enhance inspection quality

6、Clod cut, the aerodynamic configuration cold cutter, through the air pressure to control, adjust the knife pressure-thick, thin may apply

7、Hot cut, targeted vertical electric heating knife, only 180W single/double-throw power control and temperature control regulator combination, in accordance with requirements of self-regulation and control settings

Technical Parameters:

1、Effective width 1800mm~3500mm(optional)
2、Winding diameter 480mm
3、Take-up speed 0~60 m/min
4、Correcting category Hydraulic typephotoelectric probe
5、Tension adjustment 0~400n
6、Power 1.5~2.21kw
7、Weight about 1000KG
8、Dimension 1350(L)*2800(W)*2000(H)mm

#SKS-572 / Auto Edge Inspection Allignment Rolling Machine  
It is suitable for inspecting and rolling all kinds of finished grey cloths(including knitted and shuttle-woven grey cloths)

#SKS-573 / Tubular Fabric Inspection Machine  

1,Tubular fabric inspection machine is designed for inspecting cylinder fabric.

2,Wrapping fabric delivering device provides a convenient and a less tension way to withdraw the fabric roll. Tension is adjustable by the tension control device.

#SKS-574/ Open Width Tension Less Fabric Inspection Machine 


Technical Features:

1. It is designed for inspecting high quality open-width knitted fabric.Open-width entering device with fabric tighten frame. Rolled fabric entering device, Tension pole adjust the speed in forward and backward, cause the fabric inspection finish without tension.

2. Inspection platform with lighting box installed, the diagonal design makes the inspection work easier , more simple, and increase work speed.Electronic length calculator calculate the length of the fabric accurately.

3. Electric eye tracing edge device, cause the fabric upload neatly.

4. Machine top lighting device. Double roller uploading device.Fabric end automatic stop device.

5. Blowing device. Shape fabric rolling stretching roller, stretch out the fabric.

Technical Parameters:

1、Standard work area 2300mm, 2500mm
2、Speed 0~60m/min
3、Size 2700(L)*3000(W)*2000(H)mm
4、Total power 2.5KW
5、Weight 1350KG