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Mode: #ECO-1 ( Knitting Fabric 100% ) 

#ECO-1, SOFT-FLOW ECODYE is a HTHP water-flow dyeing machine newly developed.
Excellent level dyeing property and ultra-low liquor ratio for various kinds of fabrics, such as cotton, chemical fiber fabrics, woven fabric, knit fabric, etc.

Compared with those traditional dyeing machine, #ECO-1 has:
  1. lower consumption of water, steam and auxiliaries, more functions,
  2. lower maintenance rate, shorter process time and longer service life.
  Mode No.  Applicable Fabric  Capacity   Ratio 
 SKS-AO1 Knitted  woven fabrics: 100% Polyester, Polyester blends    1/2/4/6    1:3
SKS-AO2 Cotton, chemical fiber fabrics, woven fabric, knit fabric   1/2/4/6  1:3
   SKS-AO3  Cotton rayon nylon tencel polyester T/R T/C etc.   1/2/4/6    1:3  
Reactive dyeing process, fabric absorption:200%
Process time includes loading and unloading

Technical Details
  1. Adaptive vario nozzle system
  2. Dual circulation system
  3. Intelligent circulation tracking & synchronization system
  4. Smart rinsing system
  5. Auto self-cleaning filter
  6. Main tank & liquor carrying parts are manufactured using stainless steel 316L
  7. Touch screen controller
  8. Teflon sheet chamber for smooth and secure fabric transport
  9. Operating temperature 140℃
  10. Minimum liquor ratio 1:3
  11. Fabric speeds of up to 450m/min
  12. Electro-pneumatic operated valves
  13. Automatic seam detector
  14. Frequency controlled pump motor & winch
  15. 1-6 fabric chambers per machine
  16. Chamber capacity around 250kg
  17. Analog dosing
  18. Programmable automatic dosing of dyes and chemicals
  19. Stainless steel control cabinet
  20. Electronic water meter
  21. Electronic measurement of liquor ratio
  22. Unloading winch & plaiter
  23. Operator platform with ladder
  24. Fast dosing system, bypass function

●Second preparation tank
●100% Hot water stock tank with heat exchanger, preparation of the complete process bath.

●SOFT-FLOW ECODYE has two circulation systems: vertical & horizontal circulation. The high-concentration dye liquor will first dosing to the main tank through horizontal circulation system which can dilute the dye liquor evenly to avoid color difference. The concentration and temperature of the dye liquor in the tank can keep consistent through this double circulation system.

●Adaptive nozzle can adjust the gap (2-8mm), nozzle pressure (Max. 2 bar) and water flow automatically according to different type of fabric, width and weight. With this function can dramatically increase the applicability of fabric types and
100% Hot water stock tank with heat exchanger, preparation of the complete
process bath.

Swiss made nozzle actuator is equipped to ensure that the nozzle gaps are accurate and uniform, which can make the dyeing effect uniform and reduce the difference between different chambers. The automatic nozzle rinse function effectively avoids tedious manual Maintenance and reduces clogging.

The unique horizontal circulation heat exchanger design can effectively reduce the temperature difference in the main tank to achieve a good dyeing effect.
The integrated design of heat exchanger and self-cleaning filter saves manpower & reduces cleaning time as a good measure of increasing productivity

It equips with high-precision proportional German made dosing valve, coil heating device and waterproof stirring motor. By these devices, the dye liquor can be evenly mixed, the temperature can be precisely controlled, dosing of dyestuff and chemicals can be programmable.


The independent heat exchanger provides a temperature rise rate of up to 5°C/min and control the temperature accurately to meet the stringent technical requirements. Precisely control the liquor ratio through 100% hot water stock tank effectively reduce the phenomenon of fabric wrinkles. Prepare hot water and auxiliaries for the dyeing process in advance can greatly shorten the process time.

According to the preset data, the computer automatically tracks and controls the circulation time of each chamber to ensure every chamber is synchronized and the fabric in each chamber has the same dye liquor contact time. It perfectly avoids the different dyeing effect which may be caused by different loading capacity, different length and different chamber.

According to different fabric, capacity and color, SOFT-FLOW ECODYE can select the suitable washing process also automatically analyze the water turbidity to control the process. Compare with the traditional fixed-time washing process, smart rinsing system shortens the process time, save water & energy and ensure the same rinsing result.

Fully automatic controller cooperates with programmable logic controller (PLC) and sensors all over the machine to realize automatic and intelligent control of the machine


The lifting winch overhaul operating platform and ladder are provided for comprehensive safety protection.

Our fully automatic SOFT-FLOW ECODYE can be equipped with any controller system.