SKS-571 / Fabric Brushing Machinery


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#SKS-571 / Automatic Brushing Machinery 


The brushing treatments are increasing the thickness of raised fabric, improve quality, make nap up and smooth surface.


It's easy got each kind of brushing effect through inverter controls each speed of motor and digital display. Simple and easy of maintenance will make machine more stability and easy operation.


• Safety device
• Expand & centering device
• Inverter control
• Special brush fillet
• Brushing roller change by draw type, maintenance easily
• Brush drum transmit by timing belt, low noise
• Electronic counter
• Electrostatic Remover (optional)




Roller Width

2000 mm

2200 mm

2400 mm

Working Width

1900 mm

2100 mm

2300 mm

Suction Air Fan

7.5 HP

Main Power

48 HP

Machine Speed

30 ~ 45 M/Min