Air Blowing

Air Reversing Machine

 SKS-501/ Fabric Air Reversing Machines

1. It consists of double layers stainless steel air cylinder, high pressure centrifugal blower,
2. double circulation air path and direction changing device.
3. Exit suction adopts V type belt driven, low noisy, steady in movement, easy to maintain.
4. Exit device will stops automatically for sake of sensitive sensor. 
5. The electric control adopts relay-contactor control mode, driven by manual and auto methods.
6. The electric component adopts famous brand of Zhengtai or Schneider on their low voltage apparatus.

1 feeding Speed: 300M/ minute.
2 Exit Speed: 330M/minute.
3 Diameter of the Air Cylinder: 200mm
4 Dimension: 5800X1100X1400 mm
5 Total Weight: 500kg.
6 Power: 9 KW