Pre-Shrinking Machine


SKS-602 / Fabric Pre-shrinking machine. 

SKS-602. can create a proper temperature with humidity and proper pressure to let fabric into tensionless, with the help of the fabric itself elastic shrinkage deformation ,textile and fiber penetration and swelling principle, eliminate the potential shrinkage of fabric, complete the shrinking work.

Main features
  • Spraying humidifier, double steam humidifier,  fit fabric with strong water-absorbing, better shrinkage effect.
  • Electronic heating drying setting area. steam humidification.
  • Drying is mainly by steam heating, electric heating is auxiliary cycle use.
  • Adopt strong induced draft cooling device, quickly cooling the fabric to stabilize fabric size.
  • Equipped with electric eye monitoring and placing cloth function.
  • Automatic mesh belt feeding cloth device.
  • Steam temperature can be adjustment.

Technical parameters:
Shrinkage width 2200 mm
Preshrink speed 0-50 Y /min
Steam consumption 200kg/H
Steam pressure Max 6kg/Mpa
Temperature control 120-200
Operating voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 36 KW
Machine size 4800*2680*1600 mm