Spreading & Cutter

Spreading & Cutter


SKS-603 / Fabric Spreading and Cutting Machine 

1. LCD touch screen
To set fabric spread length, method, quantity, speed and paragraph easily.

2. Automatic Sensor
Machine will stop automatically when there is no fabric: when spreading all the fabrics. machine will stop operation and return to the original position automatically.

3. Cutter device

The cutter and machine can be joint and separate easily. 
The walking distance and cutting speed can be set according to the fabric Width when cutting fabric.

ˋˋ4. Automatic fabric pre-loosening device:

Loosen the fabric first then lay it to eliminate the fabric tension and maintain the fabric quality.

5. Edge alignment device:
automatic edge alignment can be done perfectly
in the process of spreading.

6. Automatic lifting device

The lifting figures can be set according to the thickness of fabric to coordinate with spreading.

7. Emergency stop device

There are steel cables for stopping on both sides of cutting table, can pull and make an emergency stop at any position of the cutting table.

8. Automatic edge shrinking device

To adjust fabric edge spread effectively according to fabric width and tension which solve the fabric curling problem perfectly.

*1.Apply to T-shirts, children's clothing, household wear and fabric of toy
*2.Solve the edge curling problem of knitting efficiently

*3.Edge shifting precision can achieve ± 0.5 cm

*4.With servo system, tightness of fabric and cutting pieces can be adjusted

*5.Automatically to be even or zero

*6.Efficiently and smooth spreading

*7.One-man operation, easy and simple

Product Description
Automatic fabric cutting spreading machine:
Model SKS-160 SKS-190 SKS-210 SKS-160 SKS-190 SKS-210
Voltage 1 P/220 V/50 HZ
Motor power 1 kw
Fabric weight 80 kg/max
speed 0-106 m/min
Diameter of cloth 450 mmcustomized to 850 mm
Cloth Width 160 CM 190 CM 210 CM 160 CM 190 CM 210 CM
Table Width 183 CM 213 CM 233 CM 183 CM  213 CM 233 CM
Machine weight 400 KG
Fabric Weight 80 kg/max
Layer height (one -way 230 mm can be increased to 300 mm
Spreading method one-way spreading face up zigzag spreading face to face
Total table quantity According to per client’s factory requirements on table total length, For example: required table quantity is total length /1.2 m/table.
Application area
* This machine is suitable for all kinds of sewingelastic fabrics milk silkswimsuitjean ,underwearfleeceraincoat and fiber fabrics.