Jersey Fully Jacquard

Jersey Jacquard Machine (SKS-SJJ)


Our enterprise is a part of a large diversified group and we have our
factories in Taiwan and China for the Design and production of the
Circular Knitting Machine. We have a group of professional
Technicians and we have vertically integrated design, and manufacturing
capabilities for high-quality
circular knitting Machines!  We have been
providing brands with the highest quality guarantee, our company has
continued to successfully act as a silent and competent technical
manufacturer for many years.

Core Value

1. We have 35 years of production experience from Taiwan since 1987.
   we have Japan CNC facilities to produce the knitting parts, such as:
   Sinker Cam Box, Cam Box, Cylinder, Carriage Ring, Yarn Carriage.
   All our circular knitting machines with solid Strong quality with high speed.   

2. Our Machinery is being rewarded with
& ISO-9001 Certification.

3. Our circular knitting machine innovation upgrades with
German knitting
    machine technical synchronization, inheritance of
Taiwan knitting spirit
    to the pursuit of knitting technological innovation to assure worldwide 
    knitting mills use our circular knitting machine. 

Products Range

Single Jersey Machine Double Jersey Machine 
SKS-SJ4  Single Jersey Machine SKS-DJ6 Double Jersey Machine
SKS-SJOC Single Jersey Opencut Machine SKS-DJOC Double Jersey Opencut Machine
SKS-FL3 Three end Fleece Machine SKS-RB22 Rib circular machine 
SKS-SJJ  Fully Jacquard Jersey Machine SKS-DJJ Fully Jacquard Double Jersey Machine 
SKS-SJJ4C Jacquard 4 color stripper machine SKS-HP High Pile Plush Machine
SKS-SJB Jersey Body Size Machine SKS-DJB Double Jersey Body SIze Machine

Factory Review 

SKS-SJJ4C/ Single Jersey Fully Jacquard 4 colors stripper machine. 
Inch: 30"-38" 
Gauge: 24g - 32g
Feeder: 1.4F / 1.6F 


Feeder: 3F