Dear Respectable Clients,
Our company is a part of a large diversified group having its operations in Taiwan and Asia! We are a professional manufacturer to produce the high quality Circular Knitting machinery Since 1990 and export our machinery worldwide markets. Besides, we also make investment share on other textile machinery production. Over 30 years rich manufacturing experience, we use Japan CNC facilities to produce the Knitting parts, such as: Sinker Cam Box,Cam Box, Cylinder, Carriage Ring, Yarn-Guide, therefore, we care the parts detail, so, our Circular Knitting Machine is High Speed type with Multi-Feeder which can produce more fabric for you!
Much more fabric produced than other brands in 24 hours.
**all our knitting machinery with CE certification**

Single Jersey Machinery series: ( High Speed, Multi-Feeder type) 
  1. #SKS-SJ4: Single Jersey Machine 
  2. #SKS-FL3: Fleece (3 end) Machine 
  3. #SKS-TE3: Terry/Double Face Terry Machine 
  4. #SKS-SJJ4: Jersey Computerized Jacquard Machine 

 Double Jersey Machinery series (High Speed, Multi-Feeder type) 
  1. #SKS-DJ6: Double Jersey Machine 
  2. # SKS-RB2: Rib Machine
  3. #SKS-SJJ4: Double Jersey Computerized Jacquard Machine

Machinery Warranty
  1. 10 Years for Cylinder, Inverter, Motor, Cam, Control Panel.
  2. Needle / Sinker = Groz Becker brand- GERMANY.
  3. Cylinder, Cam, Cam box, alloy material from SWEDEN.
  4. Motor / Inverter = Taiwan.

Fabric Sample:

Shipment: 4-6 weeks after 30% deposit. 

Overseas Buyers happy buying and selling our machinery! 

Machine introduction:

Thanks your further information and we will be much of your early reply.
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Jenifer / Product Manager
Dearton Industrial Co., Ltd