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Sweater Fully Jacquard flat knitting machine. 
Function: Fully Jacquard type. 
Application: Fully Jacquard Sweater and Fully Jacquard Collar.  

#SKS-757 is a Fully Jacquard machine.  
#SKS-757 can produce Fully Jacquard Sweater. 

Function: Fully Jacquard type. 
Fully Jacquard Collar, #SKS-757 also can knit. 

Sample -3/5/7G Sample.     & 7G Sample 



Also can knit Fully Jacquard Collar too. 

#SKS-757 / Specification 
Gauge 3G,3.5G,5G,7G,8G,9G,10G,12G,14G,16G,3-5-7G multi-gauge.
Width 32,36,48,52,60.72,80,100 inch
System 32/36/48/52/56/60"= 1x1 / 1x2 / 1x3 system. 
66/68/72/80/100= 2x1/ 2x2 system. 
Speed Controlled by servo-motor with 32 sections optional, max speed reach 1.6m/s.
Function Knit, miss, tuck, transfer, pointel, intarsia, jacquard, apparent or hide shaping and other regular or irregular patterns.
Racking Controlled by servo-motor racking within 2 inches and with fine adjusting function.
Actuator  Advanced encoder reading pin.8-stage selecting needle setup composed of special electromagnet is regarded as efficient full width jacquard needle selector.
Stitch  Controlled by stepping motor, 32 section stitch selectable adjustable range supported by subdivision technology: 0-650, the stitch of the knitwear can be accurately controlled.
Transfer Combined design, single or double cam system all can transfer together or separately. Also one cam do transfer , another cam system for knitting, which will achieve high-volume production.
Sinker system Controlled by stepping motor, adjustable to different knitwear, up to be various results of shaping and patterns.
Comb   Grip or knock-over the yam reliablyOptional)
Include 2 cutters and 4 grippers, controlled by 6 motors respectivelyOptional)
Take-down  Computer programs instruction,stepper motor control and 32-stagetension selection with an adjustable range between 0-100
Color-changing system 2×8 yarn feeders on each side of 4 guide rails, shiftable on any needle position.
Protection system The machine will automatically alarm if yarn-breaking, knots, floating yarn, rewind, end of knitting, fail of racking, needle breakage, error programming occur, also set up the safety auto-lock protect device.
Control system
  1. LCD industrial display, Can display various parameters, which can be adjustable during operation.
  2. USB memory interface,System memory 1G.
  3. Free design system is visual and easy to understand and software upgrade free of charge.
  4. Support multi-language operation as Chinese and English, Spanish, Russian etc.
Network function Has network interface,enable remote-monitoring via network,and connecting with ERP system.
Power Single-phase 220V/three-phase 380V,adopt advanced CMOS technology, having memorizing function at power shock stop.
Volume  3000*1000*1800mm,1100kgs(52 inch)
3200*1000*1800mm,1160kgs(60 nch)
3400*1000*1800mm,1250kgs(72 inch)

3700*1000*1800mm,1300kgs(80 inch)

#SKS-757 / Introduction  


#SKS-757 / we test each machine before shipment. 


#SKS-757 / Overseas buyers like our machine quality. Repeat orders.  


Collar Mini Jacquard flat knitting machine.
Size / Gauge = 52"/ 80" x 14g  
System = 2 carriage x 1 feeder  
Net Weight = 1250 kg ( 80" )  / 920 kg ( 52" ) 
Dimension = 3700x970x1700mm ( 80" ) / 2800X970X1700mm ( 52" ) ( wooden case)


  1. We produce our #SKS-747 according to the different market with different design, different color and different rubber, because we developing the new mode machine with advantage and stable! Besides, we test each machine 3 hours before shipment.
  1. 90% of our machine is sold for global market, so we choose our parts supplie carefully, for example, we guarantee the PC CARD of our machine is 3 years at least, motor and inverter is 7 years.
Type SKS-747-C1=Fully Jacquard Collar Machine
SKS-747-C2=Mini Jacquard Collar Machine
Warranty 2 years: Inverter
5 years: Screen Display
10 Year: Needle-Bed.
Gauge 7G9G10 12G14G16G18G. 20G
Working Width 40〞、52〞、72〞、80〞、96
Weaving Speed 1.3 meters/second
Yarn Feeder Two sides interchangeable feeder automatically, main color.
Cam System Single Feeder, Tuck cam both in front and rear needle beds, Cam has height. butt and low-butt select functions, both controlled by step - forward motor.
Stitch Density 099 division stitch density fine-tuning with automatic debug function, controlled by computer programmed.
Needle High butt & Low butt + transfer function
Racking Automatic debug and stop Function
Roller The roller is controlled automatically by the motor; it has 2-step speed settings controlled by computer programmed.
Stop Motion Yarn break, yarn knot, aerial abnormal, fabric drop, reverse rolling, shock act, floating knit, needle break, piece count, motor overload, stitch abnormal, racking error, cam motor error, Emergency Suspension.(the reason will be displayed on the screen, and the warning light will appear on the panel
Power AC/220V,50/60HZ,Single-phase,1/2HP Motor
0.75KW, Controlled by high-quality frequency inverter.
Computer System Industrial Micro-computer control system, tough-screen, data access by contents of the memory (it can store 30 files), electric batteries and circuit’s devices can extend the storage of resources for 3000hours after blackout. The data can be input by PC or U disk (USB), it has the extensibility.