Felting Needle

#Felting Needle 

Our Felting needles fit for Punching Machine, such as GERMANY DILO, 
1. Carpet
2. Filter felt.
3. Leather products
4. Automotive chair..etc. 
5. The Doll, Velvet Products.....etc. 

# NEEDLE RANGE: we  make Feling needle at different gauge (38G, 40G, 42G, 43G and 46G) for: 
1. Triangular needles
2. Inverted triangular needles (reverse barb).
3. Star needles,
4. fork needles,
5. Spiral triangular needles.
6. Spiral tar needles.

# INTERNATIONAL REGULATION: We make different needle specification according to the GB/T19001-2000  & ISO9001: 2000 quality standard. With strictly quality control, through various important styles, barb spacing, barb style, finish and so on in order to meet their requirement from various fields.

Your buyer shall give you the needle number: Ususall, your clients must give you the needle number ( 90% from GROZ BECKER brand and 10% from FOSTER brand ). because GROZ BECKER is the top in this field. After you have the needle number, please pass the number to me, after that, we will mail follow to you:
  1. Data drawing & parameter detail.
  2. Best price. ( ex.work )
  3. Gross weight. ( Reference : 10000 pcs = 17.5kg. ( +-2% ) 

*15*18*42*3 1/2 R333 G1002 Triangle for Nonwoven Floor Covering Felt *

15*18*36*3 M222 G3067 for Fabric Felt

Needle No. Gauge number Ex. Work Price
1 15×18×25×3×R333 G2007 USD 
2 15×18×25×3/5×R333 G1002 USD 
3 15×18×28×3×R333 G2007 USD 
4 15×18×28×3/5×R333 G1002 USD 
5 15×18×30×3×R333 G2007 USD 
6 15×18×32×3×R333 G2007 USD 
7 15×18×32×3/5×R333 G2007, G1002 USD 
8 15×18×34×3×R333 G2007 USD 
9 15×18×36×3×R333 G2017 USD 
10 15×18×38×3×R333 G2007 USD 
11 15×18×40×3×R333 G2007 USD 
12 15×18×42×3×R222 G2007 USD 
13 15×18×42×3×R333 G2007 NONE

*** 500 PC/Needle Box ,  20 Needle Box / Carton ,  17.6kg / Carton ***

To learn more about what we can do for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We believe our needles will improve your product quality and increase your production efficiency. It will benefit you. We are looking forward to establishing a good and long-term business cooperation with You.